System Requirements

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To run XFellow you will need the following:

An Intel based system (at least a Pentium or equivalent)

Since Fellow makes heavy use of i386 assembly optimisation it will not run on any other architecture.

A reasonably modern GNU/Linux distribution

The original development box was  Debian 2.2 (Potato) - I imagine anything based on glib 2.1 or newer will be OK.
The devel for now is Slackware 9.0 with some updates

SDL 1.2

Get it here. The 1.1.x development series should also work, anything older won't.


This is required for the GUI (which is not optional at the moment). If you don't have this already you're using a really weird distribution. You can get it here. Tested with 1.2.10 - older versions should be OK though.

OSS Sound Drivers

XFellow does not currently use SDL for sound, so you need to have a working /dev/dsp (ALSA with OSS emulation works fine). I will fix this in the future so XFellow will use any sound system supported by SDL.

Additional requirement for compiling from source

If you want to build XFellow from source, you will need in addition to the above (and headers for the libraries obviously):

The usual GNU development tools

gcc, GNU make et al. I've no idea how XFellow will fare with other make programs or compilers. Let me know if you have any success.


Version 0.98 or higher is needed - older versions won't work due a problem with nested macros. In the unlikely event nasm isn't included in your distribution you can find a copy here .

Some Amiga software

Obviously XFellow on its own isn't much use unless you enjoy staring at blank screens - you will need some Amiga software to run on it. Before you can do anything, you need a Kickstart ROM image, which is the guts of the Amiga OS.

If you already own a real Amiga, you can transfer the ROM from it. See this document.

If you don't already own an Amiga you can buy the Amiga Forever CD from Cloanto. This contains every version of the Kickstart ROM and lots of other cool stuff.

The current copyright owners do not allow unlicensed distribution of any version of the Kickstart ROM so I'm afraid you're out of luck if you want one for free.

Assuming you have a Kickstart ROM, you can find a few sites containing Amiga software on the links page .