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Here is a small ;) selection of useful links.

The place of global linux community.

Amiga Forever

CD-ROM containing most Amiga Kickstart ROMs and OS releases along with a bunch of other useful software.


The UAE Amiga Emulator by Bernd Schmidt - has a number of features that Fellow does not have, and is not tied to the i386 architecture; however it is considerably slower than Fellow for most purposes.

Back 2 The Roots

Huge Amiga Emulation and Demo Scene database. Has many classic games available for free download.

Aminet (UK mirror)

The definitive archive of Amiga software.


Amiga Emulation search engine and resource.


Windows version of Fellow. XFellow is derived from the WinFellow codebase.


Useful cross-platform implementation of the Amiga filesystem.

Amiga Legal Emulation

Amiga Emulation news, resources and documentation.


A x86 amiga operating system, comercial product but it provides very good amiga software emulation


A big Free Source Linux distribution with some network security support.

Old Xfellow mirror

Some old mirror of Xfellow project you can find there some usefull project files, the link can be not  active or abandon .

Dragon Linux

A small brother of Slackware Linux hosted by my friend Casper, for people who want to learn linux or want to try some linux distribution.


The Amiga Research Project.


A linmodems/Softmodems Linux support community, drivers, hardware iso's, help etc.

Linuxnews (Polish Linux news site)

The best polish Linux community news  website.


And last but not least my homepage.