About XFellow

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XFellow is a port of the Fellow Amiga Emulator to Intel based Linux systems.


Some of the features of Fellow (and therefore XFellow) include:

There are some features that Fellow has that XFellow doesn't (yet):


Fellow was originally written by Petter Schau for MS-DOS based systems. As MS-DOS became a less viable platform, Petter rewrote Fellow in a modular fashion and with the help of Andreas Axelsson, Worfje, Torsten Enderling and Marco Nova produced a Windows DirectX version called WinFellow. Dan Sutherland started work on a Linux port (XFellow) in late 2000.
Dan in about year after the born of the project has left it. 11.09.2001 U.S.A day of death and sorrow (After terroristic plane crashes over in major citys) God Save The Innocent .
In summer 2002 Riot777 programmer from Poland has take the project with some Dan's help.

Project Staff

Dan Sutherland - first maintainer of the project
Riot777 - maitainer, programmer, webmaster, tester


XFellow is Free Software - you may use, modify and redistribute it subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the GNU Project website for more information on Free Software.